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Simões, C. D. & Aldeias, V. Thermo-microstratigraphy of shells reveals invisible fire use and possible cooking in the archaeological record. Frontiers in Earth Science, 10.

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Duarte, C., Iriarte, E., Diniz, M. and Arias, P. The microstratigraphic record of human activities and formation processes at the Mesolithic shell midden of Poças de São Bento (Sado Valley, Portugal). Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 11: 483-509.


Arias, P., Diniz, M., Cubas, M., Duarte, C., Iriarte, E., Salzmann, C., Teichner, F. and Teira, F. Looking for the traces of the last hunter–gatherers: Geophysical survey in the Mesolithic shell middens of the Sado valley (southern Portugal). Quaternary International, 435(Part B): 61-70.

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